We are a vegetable supply chain company specialising in supplying only the best quality, fresh vegetables direct to the major retailers in South Africa.

About Us

Allways Fresh is a packhouse corporation established in 2016 with branches in Gauteng and Cape Town. We are a supply company specialising in supplying only the best quality, fresh vegetables direct to the major retailers in South Africa.


We are ambitious

Allways Fresh aims to be the leading partner in the fresh produce industry.


Trust and Integrity

A trusted relationship yields the fruits of opportunity, quality and sustainability.


Commitment to Partners

We are committed to form long term relations with our supply and trading partners.

Our Products

Allways Fresh is well-known nationally for the quality and year long availability of our produce as well as our efficient supply network infrastructure.


We have a home for your quality butternut from sizes as small as 350grm to a relatively high 1.3kg per fruit.

Gem Squash

From an initial consumption of roughly 20 tonnes per month to the current output of 220 tonnes p/month.


Annually 20 000 tonnes of potatoes make their way to the retail frontiers of the major retailers through our supply chain.


Our onion consumption is roughly 9 500 tonnes p/year, supplied from South African within their seasonal availability.


We speciailize in peppers of any colour and are committed to providing you with the best variety of taste, colour and quality. 


We specialize in round tomato varieties, saladette varieties and also a wide range of speciality tomatoes.

Sweet Potatoes

All our sweet potatoes are proudly grown in South African, with great tastes and different colours supplied to retail markets.


All ginger goes through great selection processes to solidify our commitment to quality produce to the end user.


We mainly trade in the “Egyptian white spectrum” as well as “Giant garlic” and “Solo Garlic” which can be white, purple or pink color.


We deliver around 2 490 000 kg’s of carrots per year! The carrot is a root vegetable most commonly observed as orange in color, though other cultivars exist.


We deliver around 1384000 kg’s of Beetroot per year! Did you know? You can use beetroot juice to measure acidity.

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“We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depend on it – because they do.”

Michael Greger

Author of How Not to Die

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